Love Bus

What started out as a 9-passenger van dedicated to taking visitors to inner city nursing homes has evolved into a fleet four specialized transportation buses equipped with wheel chair lifts that carry up to 16 nursing home residents in wheelchairs and an additional 16 ambulatory passengers for group outings.

Normally, facilities contract with Project Compassion Ministries (PCM) for the use of a bus for day-outings to increase the range of locations and activity options for larger groups of mobility-impaired residents who do not have access to specialized transportation.  Both facility-designed excursions and programs designed by PCM provide activities out into the community for thousands of long term care facility residents that build self-esteem and bring a renewed sense of joy into their lives.

With God’s Love Bus we can visit the zoo, go to the mall for an afternoon of shopping, go out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, take the color tour in the fall, and see the Christmas lights at holiday time.


Have you wondered how to respond to the nursing home or assisted living resident?

We will teach you how to present yourself as a visitor to the nursing homes. This includes how to listen, how to respond to unending questions, and how to be a loving person to someone who has lost everything, especially his or her independence, because of illness or accident.

Pastoral Care

Regular nursing home visits by trained chaplains promote spiritual support, encouragement, healing, and hope. Working closely with medical and social service staff, chaplains visit with residents, conduct one-to-one spritual assessment and care, lead group discussions and worship services, and meet with families and staff to ease the stress of care-giving.

Pastoral care in long-term health care facilities promotes wellness of body, mind, and spirit by assisting management address the needs of the whole person and offering an effective, comprehensive system of spiritual care for the residents, a plan that affirms the very existence of the individual.

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