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PCM’s 44th Annual Block Party

June 15th, 2017 Posted by God's Love Bus, PCM Chaplaincy, Project Compassion Ministries No Comment yet

Greetings in Christ Jesus!

It is time for Project Compassion Ministries 44th Annual Block Party on Saturday, August 5th bringing the Love of Christ to residents in over eight nursing homes on East Grand Boulevard in Detroit. The Block Party gives nursing home residents the chance to gather on the lawns outside of their homes and to socialize with our volunteers, (both young and old) from Detroit and neighboring communities. They come together for one purpose: to bring the Love, Compassion and Joy of our Lord to His eldest children!

This year we are striving to ensure participation of our donors, churches and social organizations in our block party. Most nursing home residents do not have regular visitors and greatly enjoy the conversations, the attention, the prayers, the games, the songs and (most of all) YOUR presence. We are currently in need of entertainers: singers, musicians, dancers, clowns, magicians — you name it!

Please pray about what you can provide on this special day. Join the other volunteers for a continental breakfast, orientation for the day’s visits, and team assignments, at 12:00 p.m. at Iroquois Avenue Lutheran Church, located at 2411 Iroquois Avenue, Historic Indian Village, Detroit 48214.

Just before 1:00 p.m., volunteers will be transported to the nursing home visitation starting point by a PCM “God’s Love Bus.” Volunteers may also choose to drive their cars to the starting points. The party will conclude by 3:00 pm. Volunteers are encouraged to gather back at the church around 3:15 pm for a time of sharing and socializing.

If you are not able to join us at the Block Party, please prayerfully consider one of the following sponsorship opportunities.

Platinum Sponsor $2,500
–    Prominent Logo on all Print Materials
–    Mention in all Media Releases

–    Acknowledgement on Website/Social Media

Gold Sponsor $1,000
– Logo on all Print Materials
– Mention in all Media Releases
– Acknowledgement on Website/Social  Media

Silver Sponsor $500
–    Acknowledgement in all Print Materials
–    Acknowledgement on Website/Social Media

Bronze $250
– Acknowledgement on Website/Social Media

In addition, you are invited to go to the Project Compassion website to explore other ways to provide assistance and support to this wonderful ministry, especially the Chaplain and God’s Love Bus ministries. Please prayerfully consider making a financial donation to support the ministry, volunteer your time and talents, or find many other ways to contribute.

The enclosed Block Party flyer gives more information about the event, as well as some ways that you, your church or social organization can make this a special day for the nursing home residents – and for yourselves. For more information or to sign up, please call Barb Freeborn at Project Compassion at 313-897-7470 or 248-797-9046 cell.

Chaplain Eric Stenson, Executive Director

For more details, click on the attached flyer.

Meet the Winners of PCM God’s Love Bus Promotion!

June 7th, 2017 Posted by God's Love Bus, Project Compassion Ministries No Comment yet

Meet the winner of Project Compassion Ministries God’s Love Bus Promotion!

Diane Hackett, Activities Director of Hope Healthcare Center of Westland Michigan.

Diane submitted a compelling summary of where they would like to go and how the trip benefits their residents.

Diane is pictured below along with residents including Emma Bennett, Doris Harvoth and Jessica Koons.  The residents expressed excitement to have an activity outside of their facility.

Congratulations to Hope Healthcare Center.  Project Compassion Ministries looks forward to serving you during trip scheduled in June.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Visit to learn more about our ministry and how you can support Project Compassion Ministries.





PCM God’s Love Bus Trip

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Enter to Win a God’s Love Bus Trip!

Project Compassion Ministries is excited to offer a free God’s Love Bus Trip in the spring to a facility that would not otherwise be able to afford it.  PCM will award one (1) bus trip (worth approximately $450) to the winner to take a trip of their choice within 100 miles. The winner finances the cost of the outing and PCM will donate the bus transportation for the outing.

See the attached flyer with details of how to enter the promotion.  If you have any questions or require anything additional, please contact Barb at 313-897-7470.  Also, check us out at facebook and twitter.

Click on the like for the promotion details.


Project Compassion Ministries Love Lines Fall 2016 Newsletter

November 10th, 2016 Posted by God's Love Bus, PCM Chaplaincy, Project Compassion Ministries No Comment yet

Check out Project Compassion Ministries Love Lines Fall 2016 Newsletter to see how we are sharing the love of Christ in word and deed through our various ministries and programs.

Newsletter Fall 2016 Final eversion


Mandate to Take Care for the Elders

August 10th, 2016 Posted by God's Love Bus, PCM Chaplaincy, Project Compassion Ministries No Comment yet


How do you see yourself living when you are an elderly person? In today’s busy world it is becoming less common for a person to take care of their parents when they’re elderly. In the past, more people felt the moral obligation to support their parents when they couldn’t do it for themselves anymore. Children were taught to honor their father and mother, as we read in Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” This doesn’t only mean being obedient as a child but also caring for your parents in their old age.

Nowadays, many of us treat elders as a burden and won’t make the effort to bring them into our house and look after them just like they did for us when we were kids. Of course, there are some situations when this isn’t possible and it is better to have them in a nursing home or retirement community. However, in most cases, it’s just easier to put them there just because we’re not willing to commit to this responsibility. We must not forget that even though they can’t bring money to our household they do have a lot of wisdom, which they acquired during their whole lives and that is such a big blessing.

We read in Timothy 5:3-4: “ Honor widows who are truly widows. But if a widow has children or grandchildren, let them first learn to show godliness to their own household and to make some return to their parents, for this is pleasing in the sight of God.” This reminds us of how our parents and grandparents lovingly and joyfully took care of us when we were growing up. They didn’t abandon us when we weren’t able to be independent and self-sufficient.

Some elderly people don’t like to live in nursing homes or retirement communities and are taken there against their will. On the other hand, there are some that do like it and prefer to spend their days surrounded by others who are their age and share interests in similar activities. Even if they choose to live in a community or home doesn’t mean we don’t need to make sure they’re doing ok. They can feel lonely if their families don’t visit them on weekends or special holidays. Although there are organizations that have projects to visit them, take them on field trips and give them spiritual support in times of need, the love of their families has no comparison to those other activities.

So please think of how wonderful it is to care for them either in your own house or in a home. Calling them, visiting them, letting them know they’re not alone and can count on you; can make their golden days much happier and rewarding.

We Have a New Website!

July 27th, 2016 Posted by God's Love Bus, PCM Chaplaincy, Project Compassion Ministries No Comment yet

logo homeThroughout 2014 and 2015, the Board of Directors and advisors of Project Compassion Ministries (PCM) embarked on a comprehensive and strategic re-design of the entire ministry organization, including programs, projects, financials, fund-raising, and marketing and branding. This redesign project re-aligns the mission of PCM with previous and revised goals in five different areas: 1) to empower, enable, and renew the spiritual care of residents in nursing homes and other senior venues; 2) to ensure efficient agency leadership, management, and fiscal responsibility; 3) to nurture support and facilitate the continuous growth and development of the PCM staff 4) to strengthen, renew, and expand relationships and involvement with churches and the community; and 5) to strengthen, renew, and expand events and activities that promote and market PCM and facilitate community awareness and outreach. Each of these goals and related activities and benefits to our target population will be explored in future blog posts and PCM newsletters.

PCM post 1

To assist in the marketing and promotion of PCM and its mission and activities for seniors, we commissioned an entire redesign of our logo and our website. We have also reactivated our Facebook page and Twitter account! Through these updated electronic outlets we are looking forward to expanding the awareness and increase the participation in the two major components of PCM: the Chaplaincy and the Love Bus programs.

The PCM chaplain provides spiritual care to nursing home residents, which enables them to draw on their faith and helps them to cope with serious illnesses, feelings of abandonment, isolation, and hopelessness. The chaplain offers one-on-one pastoral care for the residents, providing an opportunity for them to share their thoughts and concerns with a trained pastoral care chapter in a private setting. In addition to private visitation, the chaplain also offers group or individual Bible studies and church services on a regular basis.

The “God’s Love Buses” program provides an opportunity for elderly residents to take several annual fun-filled and informative trips outside of the nursing home, which boosts their spirits and helps provide connections to the outside community. The State of Michigan-certified bus drivers and trained volunteers assist the nursing home staff members to help residents in wheelchairs enjoy valuable time away from the facility and out in the community.

To find out more about the programs provided by Project Compassion Ministries, please log onto our website. You may also contact our Executive Director, Chaplain Eric Stinson, by calling (313) 897-7470, or by emailing him at

41st Annual Project Compassion Block Party

July 31st, 2015 Posted by God's Love Bus No Comment yet

Food, fun & fellowship for nursing home residents on East Grand Boulevard in Detroit! (between Marck and Kercheval)

block party