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logo homeThroughout 2014 and 2015, the Board of Directors and advisors of Project Compassion Ministries (PCM) embarked on a comprehensive and strategic re-design of the entire ministry organization, including programs, projects, financials, fund-raising, and marketing and branding. This redesign project re-aligns the mission of PCM with previous and revised goals in five different areas: 1) to empower, enable, and renew the spiritual care of residents in nursing homes and other senior venues; 2) to ensure efficient agency leadership, management, and fiscal responsibility; 3) to nurture support and facilitate the continuous growth and development of the PCM staff 4) to strengthen, renew, and expand relationships and involvement with churches and the community; and 5) to strengthen, renew, and expand events and activities that promote and market PCM and facilitate community awareness and outreach. Each of these goals and related activities and benefits to our target population will be explored in future blog posts and PCM newsletters.

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To assist in the marketing and promotion of PCM and its mission and activities for seniors, we commissioned an entire redesign of our logo and our website. We have also reactivated our Facebook page and Twitter account! Through these updated electronic outlets we are looking forward to expanding the awareness and increase the participation in the two major components of PCM: the Chaplaincy and the Love Bus programs.

The PCM chaplain provides spiritual care to nursing home residents, which enables them to draw on their faith and helps them to cope with serious illnesses, feelings of abandonment, isolation, and hopelessness. The chaplain offers one-on-one pastoral care for the residents, providing an opportunity for them to share their thoughts and concerns with a trained pastoral care chapter in a private setting. In addition to private visitation, the chaplain also offers group or individual Bible studies and church services on a regular basis.

The “God’s Love Buses” program provides an opportunity for elderly residents to take several annual fun-filled and informative trips outside of the nursing home, which boosts their spirits and helps provide connections to the outside community. The State of Michigan-certified bus drivers and trained volunteers assist the nursing home staff members to help residents in wheelchairs enjoy valuable time away from the facility and out in the community.

To find out more about the programs provided by Project Compassion Ministries, please log onto our website. You may also contact our Executive Director, Chaplain Eric Stinson, by calling (313) 897-7470, or by emailing him at EricStenson@projectcompassion.net.

Spreading the Light and Love of Jesus to Seniors: Proverbs 16:31

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Project Compassion Ministries seeks to spread the light and love of Christ Jesus and restore dignity to seniors, and Scriptures in the Bible lead our mission. Our seniors have spent many years walking with God and learning from the preaching of his word. During their lifetimes, they have earned every gray hair on their heads. This Scripture from the Old Testament reminds us that gray hair should be celebrated and worn as a crown because it is a testament that our beloved seniors are living breathing children of a King.

Many of the residents of the senior care facilities served by Project Compassion Ministries have either been brought up with a strong faith that has sustained them throughout their lives or with an appreciation of the faith that they now are seeking to nurture in their current living situations. Although many of our seniors where their gray hair as a crown, they also suffer from many of the elements that come along with aging, such as loneliness and separation from their houses of worship. When a facility avails itself of the services of a Project Compassion chaplain, the residents now have available to them a uniquely qualified person to assist in meeting their spiritual needs.

To find out more about how a Project Compassion Chaplain can serve in your senior health care facility, please fill out the contact form on our website or email our Executive Director, Chaplain Eric Stenson.

41st Annual Project Compassion Block Party

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Food, fun & fellowship for nursing home residents on East Grand Boulevard in Detroit! (between Marck and Kercheval)

block party

Project Compassion Ministries, Inc.

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Loneliness • Despair • Immobility • Loss Of Independence

This is often what nursing home and assisted living residents face every day.