Mission Statement of Project Compassion Ministries

 Striving to enrich the spiritual quality of those living, working or visiting in nursing care facilities, senior housing environments and their church communities through sharing the grace, dignity and love of Christ Jesus.

About Project Compassion Ministries

Project Compassion Ministries, lnc. was founded by Rev. Ed Einem over forty-two years ago to bring the love of Christ to seniors in nursing homes. As P.C.M., Inc. begins to implement the recommendations of the Redesign Committee, under the leadership of new Executive Director, Chaplain Eric Stenson, we know that more churches, congregations, organizations, businesses, retiree groups and others need to know about this outstanding ministry that helps to improve the quality of life for seniors in nursing homes and other senior venues.

Indeed, the P.C.M., Inc. Board of Directors boldly and courageously unified their charge to redesign our beloved ministry and to establish future goals, with Christ as our guide, to:

  • 1. Develop new ministries that built upon our successes while also recognizing that we must be open to new areas of ministry that are essential in the 21st century services provided to seniors.

  • 2. Develop new strategies to strengthen communication with our Lutheran churches, both urban and suburban, as new areas of ministry and service delivery are identified.

  • 3. Finally, the Board was committed to developing strategies to increase revenue and enhance the Ministry with the ultimate goal of being a self-sufficient non-profit organization.

The Board of Directors and the P.C.M. Redesign Committee began our work in prayer, calling on our Lord to give us the wisdom and the unity of purpose that would ultimately give the ministry renewed purpose, hope and a future. (continued)

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